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What Are the Characteristics of Gpo-3 Insulation?

In recent years, many electric power industries have vigorously developed new  Gpo-3 insulating materials such as flame-retardant, insect resistant, wear-resistant, non corrosive, high dimensional stability, etc., while gpo-3 laminates have relative applications in low-voltage electrical appliances such as circuit breakers, switch cabinets, transformers, DC motors, AC contactors, explosion-proof electrical appliances, etc., depending on the advantages of insulation performance. So what good product performance does Gpo-3 insulating material have to win widespread use?
1、 Gpo-3 insulation has flame retardancy: because gpo-3 insulating material does not contain halogen, it has good flame retardancy and does not produce toxic gas when ignition occurs.
GPO 3 board
2、 Gpo-3 insulation has good mechanical properties: because gpo-3 is made of high-strength glass fiber, it is not easy to break, and it is easy to bend to 19mm in diameter.
3、 Gpo-3 insulation can withstand high temperature: because of the special properties of the material, gpo-3 has UL temperature rating index in the range of 120-210 ℃ electronic and 130-210 ℃ mechanical. It has super stable performance.
4、 Gpo-3 insulation has good insulation performance: it is a high-quality insulating material, widely used in the electrical industry
5、 Gpo-3 insulation is easy to make and shape: gpo-3 insulating material is easy to process, and can be punched, drilled, machined, cut and ground.

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