Enhanced Comfort from Thermal Insulation

Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, helping to keep out unwanted heat in summer and preserving precious warmth in winter.  Even with air conditioning, insulation is indispensable, as chilled air is far more expensive than warmed air.



Enhanced Comfort from Transformer

Due to their unique fibrous structure, the product of our company always has the best insulating property in oil-immersed transformer and dry-type transformer. At the same time we use the advanced technology to produce electrical insulating material in order to give customers the best using experience. In the process of using voltage transformer, the electrical insulating material can make you feel comfort and safe.


Excellent Safe Protection

Materials are noncombustible, and remain so for the life of the product. They require no additional fire-retardant chemical treatments—in fact, unfaced fiberglass is accepted as a fire block in wood frames. Note that some fiberglass  are combustible, but when properly installed with a code-approved barrier, don’t pose a fire hazard. Kraft facing should never be left exposed.

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