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Application Features of GPO-3 Laminate

GPO-3 is also called UPGM-203, which means unsaturated polyester fiberglass mat insualtion material, usually its color is white and brown red, etc., it has good electrical properties at high temperature, good mechanical properties at medium temperature, has Good flame retardance, resistance to arc and traces of leakage. For this kind of material, its biggest advantage is not only lower cost, but also relatively good packaging, transportation and storage are more convenient, and can be stored at room temperature for a long time.

In recent years, many power industries have vigorously developed new materials such as flame retardant, insect resistance, abrasion resistance, non-corrosion, and high dimensional stability. GPO-3 laminates rely on the advantages of insulation properties, such as: circuit breakers, switches Low voltage electrical appliances such as cabinets, transformers, DC motors, AC contactors, explosion-proof electrical appliances, or the automotive industry have relative applications.
Application areas of GPO-3 laminates:
1. Application in circuit breakers of GPO-3 laminates: Frame circuit breakers: safety baffles, safety shields, spacers, phase spacers, etc .;
2. Applications in molded case circuit breakers of GPO-3 laminates: phase spacers, arc-extinguishing chambers, etc.
3. Application in motors of GPO-3 laminates: Motor armature components, movable cover plates, slot wedge stators, fixed gaskets, thin gaskets, carbon brush holders, etc .;
4. Application in switchgear of GPO-3 laminates: front, rear, upper, bottom, phase spacers, etc. in bulkhead system;
5. Other applications of GPO-3 laminates: Arc-resistant structural parts.

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