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Cable Paper—The most popular product in our guests

Until now, the most regular quotation I received is about cable paper. Of course, most of guests are likely to use some other names to express their demands. Such as presspaper, pressbant or takaba paper. All of them are same things just have different names.

Maybe you will ask, what is cable paper and what can we do use it? Next I will give you a perfect explain and help you to know more things about cable paper or we called presspaper.

Cable paper, also known as insulating paper, is a paper with insulating properties and loss of dirt.Cable paper, also known as cable insulation paper.An insulating paper for high-voltage power cables, control cables, and signal cables.Specially used for the use of magnet wire factory, transformer factory, mutual inductor factory, and reactor factory.The cable paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to protect the insulating layer of the conductive wire core from moisture intrusion and damage to the insulating layer. For web. The quantification is 45 to 175 g/m2. Paper is tough and even. High tensile, folding and tear strength. Does not contain metals, sand, and conductive acids. High dielectric constant. Low power factor. When subjected to insulating liquid treatment, the stability of the paper is good. Its varieties are based on different thicknesses or colors. The unbleached sulphate softwood pulp was used as the raw material. After being beaten free, it was not sizing, no filling (material), and was made on a Fourdrinier paper machine. Used for insulation between the wires or cables.

After reading this professional introduction, whether you have a clear understand of cable paper. I believe you will learn a lot. For cable paper , why is it so popular ? Because it is a kind of consumables in transformer and most of transformer producer like to store this kind of products. If you are a producer too, you will need it. We promise that the quality we provide is the best and we promise to give you insurance.  If you are interested to our cable paper, we will glad to have a deep talk with you.

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