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Transformer compressed wood in India

ztelec group2021-03-23 18:03108

On May 21, 2019, Indian customers came to ZTelec Group for a field visit to inspect electrical transformer compressed laminated wood.

Since the second half of 2016, ZTelec Group began to expand overseas markets. Through high-quality products and services, excellent industry reputation, we have successfully opened overseas markets in Taiwan, Japan, Russia, India and other places, and established offices in Vietnam and other places.

During the visit to ZTelec Group factory, the Indian customers first had a detailed understanding of our company's corporate culture and product information in the conference room, and then visited the production workshop of electrical transformer compressed laminated wood and other insulating materials for oil transformer. Under the guidance of the relevant technical personnel, the customer tested the laminated wood on the site, the good performance of the material made the customer very satisfied!

In the face of all kinds of electrical laminated wood problems raised by customers, we had made detailed answers, rich professional knowledge and efficient working ability also left a deep impression for customers. At the end of the visit, the customer made a summary, fully affirmed the performance of our insulating material products and put forward valuable suggestions, further confirmed the establishment of a good cooperative relationship.

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