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Phenolic bakelite paper pipe in Australia

ztelec group2021-03-24 11:01124

It was a sunny morning on April 6, 2019. Australian customers came to visit ZTelec Group for phenolic bakelite paper pipe. In order to have a deep understanding of phenolic bakelite paper pipe, they took the pains to travel from one ancient civilization Australian to another ancient civilization China. Brief meeting, ZTelec Group is an important station for them.

Several colleagues of the Foreign Trade Department warmly received the Australian customers. The negotiation was relaxed and pleasant. From the phenolic tube processing workshop to the finished product workshop, the customer had a deep understanding of the company's garolite tube production line, as well as the enterprise culture. Australian customers are also interested in our epoxy sheet series products.

Our Australian customers put forward some market suggestions and opinions about ZTelec Group's phenolic paper tubes and prices. We are fully aware that this is the direction of our improvement and also the inadequacy of our work. It is because of the trust of customers, it is because of the sincerity of customers, we can hear the sincere market voice in order to produce products suitable for the market demand. We will improve the product to adapt to the development of the enterprise with humble attitude and strict requirements.

The customer thanked us for our service, and we also expressed our deep thanks for their visit. Later, we sent beautiful gifts to our friends coming from afar.

On the basis of trust and understanding, two companies from two ancient civilizations in the world will surely bear the fruits of long-term cooperation in the future.

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