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Presspahn paper board dealer in Kolkata, India

ztelec group2021-03-24 14:1863

With the continuous innovation of insulating material product research and development technology and the continuous development of market, ZTelec Group has attracted the attention and long-term cooperation of many customers at home and abroad.

On June 25th, Mr. Marshall and his delegation from India came to visit and conduct field investigation on electrical presspahn paper board.

Indian customers had visited 15 cities in China. With one-stop insulation material product system and service, we stand out from many suppliers to meet their all-round needs.

During the visit, Indian customers visited the modern electrical presspahn paper board production line of ZTelec Group. Neat layout of the workshop, fine management mode and the advanced automation gluing and drying equipment won the customers' high recognition.

As the largest transformer manufacturer in India, Indian customers had strict requirements on the performance of laminated pressboard. Our electrical paperboard has good mechanical properties, insulation properties and other advantages, which can meet customers' high standard requirements.

"Before the field visit, we screened a lot of suppliers online. Before we came to ZTelec Group, we also visited a number of insulating material manufacturers all over China. We trusted the quality of your press paper board, and the production scale made us have the confidence of long-term cooperation." Mr. Marshall said.

After this negotiation, the Indian customer decided to choose a full range of insulation materials for oil transformer. In addition to one-stop insulation material supply, ZTelec Group also provides a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services to remove all worries for customers.

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