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On June 19-21, 2018, ZTELEC GROUP will travel to Berlin, Germany to participate in an international trade show: CWIEME. At that time, our company will arrange the most professional technicians as the main force of the exhibition. In order to better promote our products at the exhibition, our company has made full preparations in terms of product brochures and exhibition samples, and try our best to give exhibitors different visuals during the exhibition.

The CWIEME was held in Germany for the first time in 1996 and is held once every year. It has been 22 years history. It has developed to  the world’s largest exhibition of electromagnetic coils, motors, transformers, rewinding and electrical insulation. As a professional manufacturer of insulation materials and coils, ZTELEC GROUP has participated in the coil exhibition in Berlin, Germany for many times. This exhibition provides an excellent platform for our company to develop the European market and expand exports.The event also provides an ideal platform for information exchange and business dialogue between our exhibitors and visitors. It also serves as a bridge between the top companies in the industry and commercial exchanges between small and medium-sized companies or start-up companies. As a company with many years of development history, participating in this exhibition can more directly understand the development of German and even global products and the specific needs of the market, help improve the technical content of products, adjust the structure of improved products, and lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, but also to improve the export, to ensure that the normal export direction.

As the exhibitor, the ZTELEC GROUP will provide the most unforgettable exhibition experience to all visiting customers with the most sincere attitude, the most intimate service and the most comprehensive arrangement.We always adhere to the best and most trustworthy Chinese company.

ZTELEC GROUP looks forward to your visit.

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