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Definition and Classification of FR-4 CCL

FR-4 CCL is short for glass fiber epoxy resin copper clad laminate, a kind insulation materials. The FR-4 copper clad plate is divided into the following grades:
First: class A1  FR-4 CCL
This grade is mainly used in military industry, communication, computer, digital circuit, industrial instrument, automobile circuit and other electronic products. The quality of this series of products has completely reached the world-class level, the highest level and the best performance.
Second: grade A2  FR-4 CCL
This grade is mainly used for general computers, instruments, advanced home appliances and general electronic products. This series of copper clad laminates are widely used, and each performance index can meet the needs of general industrial electronic products. It has a good price performance ratio. It can effectively improve the price competitiveness of customers.
Third: grade A3  FR-4 CCL
This grade of copper clad laminate is a FR-4 product developed and produced by our company for home appliance industry, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.). Its characteristic lies in the premise that the performance meets the requirements, and the price has a competitive advantage.
Fourth: A4  FR-4 CCL
This grade of plate belongs to the low-end material of FR-4 copper clad plate. However, all performance indicators can still meet the needs of ordinary household appliances, computers and general electronic products, with the most competitive price and excellent performance price ratio.
Fifth: class B  FR-4 CCL
This grade of board is relatively poor, and its quality stability is poor. It is not suitable for circuit board products with large area, and it is generally suitable for products with size of 100mmx200mm. Its price is the lowest, so we should pay attention to its choice.

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