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Description and Explanation of Insulation Aging

Actually, the insulating material cannot always keep its property, it can be effected by a lot of other factors. Such as environment, operating condition  and so on. These important factors can affect the insulation aging and reduce the using time for insulation material. The following is a brief introduction.

The concept of insulation aging

  In the course of electrical equipment operation due to long-term by various factors, the insulation material occurs a series of irreversible chemical and physical changes, resulting in electrical and mechanical properties of the deterioration, this irreversible change is often referred to as aging. Insulation aging is divided into heat aging, environmental aging and electrical aging. Factors that cause aging are heat, electricity, light, oxygen, radiation and microbes.

   Heat aging

  Due to the heat, the aging of the insulating material is called heat aging. In the heat aging process, the polymer insulation material often occurs thermal degradation, low molecular weight generation or escape. So that the insulation properties of insulating materials and mechanical properties decreased.

  Electrical aging

  In electrical equipment, the insulating material in the role of the electric field, the performance of irreversible changes until the failure, the process known as electrical aging. The main reason for the aging of insulating materials is partial discharge. As the partial discharge of ozone, ozone is a strong oxidant, so that the double bond with the macromolecules from the reaction, the material ozone cracking.

  Aging of the environment

         Environmental aging refers to the insulating material in the light, oxygen, radiation and acid and other factors caused by the pollution of chemical reactions, in which the sun is the main factor in ultraviolet light.

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