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Electrical Insulating Board

The additive of electrical insulating board determines its excellent performance. Insulating board has very excellent mechanical properties. Do you know the function of the additive? Let’s learn about the function of additives in the electrical insulation board with me!
The electrical insulating board we produce has excellent rigidity, as hard as steel, remarkable performance in toughness, and good elasticity. Of course, the electrical insulating board can also withstand very strong impact. Another point is that the creep resistance of insulating board is very prominent in the material stability. In addition, it has various forms, convenient curing, strong adhesion and low shrinkage. The electrical insulation board has a wide market in mechanical, electrical and electronic parts with high insulation structure.
phenolic laminate board
Of course, these are important with the addition of electrical insulating board . The main component of electrical insulating board is epoxy resin, which is laminated insulating board after the combination of glass cloth and epoxy resin. In determining the performance of insulating board, curing agent, modifier, filler, diluent and other additives play an important role. Because, as the indispensable additives of epoxy resin, they determine whether the products can be molded and cured. If they can not be molded and cured, there will be no epoxy board.
Through the performance regulation of additives, the electrical insulating board can be applied in more fields. Through the change of the ratio of additives, the epoxy board can be diversified from very low viscosity to high melting point solid, and it can be cured at any temperature in the range of 0-180 ℃.
The use of additives in electrical insulating board promotes the reaction of epoxy resin to be environmentally friendly, no water or any volatile side-effect products will be released, and the shrinkage is low, so the internal stress generated will be relatively reduced, which helps to greatly improve the adhesion strength of the insulation board. Of course, additives also have some side effects. The epoxy resin itself is non-toxic, but with the change of demand, the type and composition of additives are different, the performance of the epoxy resin will change, which will make the epoxy board toxic. Therefore, attention must be paid. This is the reason why LCP with excellent wear resistance and wear reduction can replace epoxy plate as the packaging material of coil framework to some extent by adding high filler as the packaging material of integrated circuit.
Now you know the role of additives in electrical insulating board, if you want to know more, you can contact us.

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