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Causes of Blisters on Insulated Glass Fiber Boards

The blistering of the insulated glass fiber boards is actually a problem of poor bonding between the board and the surface.  It is also a problem of the surface quality of the board. The  insulated glass fiber boards is a kind of insulation materia……


Standard and Classification of Insulating Board FR4

Insulation board FR4 Industry Association: A material standard specified by NEMA American Electrical Manufacturers Association. The corresponding IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standard is epgc202. There is no corresponding standard ……


Transformer Insulation Paper

1.Cable Paper Description: Cable Paper is made of 100% purity sulfate insulating wood pulp. It is widely used on HV cable, signal cable, electromagnetic wire, transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, etc. Specifications: Thickness: 50 um,80 ……


Insulating Tape—ZTELEC GROUP

1.Alkali-free Glass Fiber Band(fiberglass insulation tape; fiberglass binding tape; fiberglass banding tape) It is flame retardant, high temperature resistant, and well insulated; it also has good properties of corrosion resistance, less moisture a……


Insulating material used in transformer from ZTELEC GROUP

We all know that most kinds of electrical insulating material are used in transformer. Transformer insulation is based on basic impulse insulation level together with voltage rating.One basic requirement of all insulating materials is that they sho……


Insulating Piece

  Our company can process all kinds of insulating piece according to the drawings provided by you. Such as phenolic bakelite screw and all kinds of specification insulator.  Thay are all used in oil-immersed transformer and dry-type transforme……


Electrical White Cloth Tape

It is woven from pure cotton yarn. Widely used as insulating coil binding on motor, electrical equipment, and transformers. We have adequate stocks and the products can be shiped at any moment. At the same time, we can help you to print your compa……


Electrical Polyester Shrinkable Tape

It is a kind of banded-shaped insulation material woven by polyester fiber. It has heat resistance and insulation property. It is used for coil binding and fastening on transformers, reactors, electric motors and other products, and has high heat ……


Hot Laminated Material Products——on May and June

Product Name Abbreviation Phenolic Paper-base Laminated Tube 3520/PFCP22A Epoxy Laminated Glass Cloth Tube 3640/3641/EPGC21/22 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod 3725/PFCC41 Phenolic Laminated Cotton Cloth Sheet PFCC201/202/203/305 Co……


E-glass Fiber Tape

Alkali-free Glass Fiber Band  GB/T20627.1-2006 It is a kind of banded-shaped insulation product woven by alkali-free glass fiber. It is flame retardant, high temperature resistant, and well insulated; it also has good properties of corrosion resist……


Fiberglass Meshes

The mesh fabric is made of medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn, and is coated with alkali resistant polymer emulsion. The application of the grid is more related to the advertising industry, and the areas involved are basically advertisem……


Insulation Materials Silicone Glass Paint Cloth

Organic silicon glass cloth. Organic silicon glass lacquer cloth is impregnated with organic silicon insulating varnish by electroless glass fiber cloth. The organic silicon glass cloth has high heat resistance and mechanical properties and di……