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Double Maleimide Glass Cloth Sheet

Double Maleimide Laminated Glass Cloth Sheet The double maleimide glass cloth laminate products are made by using an alkali – free glass cloth impregnated with the modified bimaleimide resin. With high mechanical properties and dielectr……


Polyimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board

Polyimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board 1.Polyimide glass cloth laminate definition and use This series of products is a laminated product made from a special chemical treated glass cloth for electrical appliances and a polyimide resin as an ……


Diphenyl Ether Sheet

Diphenyl ether resin is a basic resin of H-class insulation material, and phenol-modified diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate has been widely used in dry-type transformers, motors and appliances of H-class insulation structure. Diphenyl ether ……


Electrical wood Laminated Sheet

Product Description of Electrical wood Laminated Sheet: Electrical laminated wood sheet is widely used into manufacturing some devices for oil-filled transformer, such as upper and lower pressure plate, lead bracket and iron yoke cushion block. And……


Copper Clad Laminated Sheet

Introduction FR-4 copper clad laminated sheet uses glass fiber cloth as substrate material. After being immersed with epoxy resin and then baked into prepreg sheet, several prepreg sheets are then coated with copper foil on one side or both sides, ……


Silicone Laminated Glass Sheet

Silicone Laminated Glass Sheet Electrical insulation performance Silicone products have good electrical insulation properties, and their dielectric loss, withstand voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface res……


Phenolic Laminated Cotton Cloth Sheet

Introduction Phenolic Laminated Cotton Cloth Sheet                PFCC201/202/203/305 The product is made of cotton impregnated with phenolic resin and is formed by hot pressing, which has strong mechanical and electrical properties. IEC Charact……


Epoxy Glass Sheet

Introduction of Epoxy Glass Sheet: Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet is made by chemical treatment of electrician non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the backing material, by hot pressing with epoxy resin as binder and laminated insulations, high mecha……