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Double Malay Laminated Glass Tube

Introduction to bismaleimide glass cloth laminate : The double maleimide glass cloth laminate products are made by using an alkali – free glass cloth impregnated with the modified bimaleimide resin.With high mechanical properties and die……


Organic Silicon Laminated Glass Tube

3652 Silicone Glass Cloth Laminated Tube Introduction Model: 3652 Name: Silicone laminated glass tube Main components: silicone resin, alkali-free glass cloth Heat resistance level: H level Executive Standard: Enterpris……


Phenolic Laminated Paper-base Tube

Phenolic laminated paper tube (or 3520) has good mechanical and electrical properties. It can be used for motor and electrical equipment and also can be used in oil-immersed transformer. .  


Diphenyl Ether Cloth Rod

This product is mainly used as insulating structural components of electric equipment and machined parts of screw.


Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod

Introduction of Phenolic Cotton Laminated Rod Phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod (or 3725) is made by cotton cloth dipped in phenolic resin, the forming die of hot-pressing section assumes the circular rod, has high mechanical performance, suitabl……


Diphenyl Ether Tube

Flexible fiberglass tube is glass fiber laminate frp diphenyl ether tube Diphenyl ether glass cloth laminated tube is made of electrical non-alkali glass cloth impregnated with diphenyl ether resin by heating roll baking, with high mechanical ……


Epoxy Laminated Glass Cloth Tube

Product Description 1. Material: Epoxy fiber glass cloth; 2. Advantages: High dielectric property and machinability; 3. Standard: GB/T 5132.1-2009/IEC61212-1:2006 4. Usage: Insulation for electric equipment; coil insulation tube. Epoxy Laminated Gl……


Phenolic Cotton Cloth Tube

Introduction of bakelite laminated tube: Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube, hereinafter referred to as phenolic cotton cloth tube, is made of cotton cloth dipped in phenolic resin, after hot roll of baking and tubular laminated products, wi……