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Silicone Rubber Glassfiber Sleeve

Introduction of silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve. Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve, also known as fireproof casing, high-temperature casing, with high purity glass fiber prepared into tubes, and then coated with silicone rubber on the outsid……


Silicone Glassfiber Sleeve

Silicone fiberglass sleeve It is made of non – alkali glass fiber woven with silicone resin and heated to solidify. It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self-extinguishing and softness, widely used in class H insula……


PVC Glassfiber Sleeve

Brief introduction of fiberglass sleeves: Fiberglass sleeving is non-alkali glass fiber yarn weaving complete sets of pipe, and then after high temperature treatment, coated with silicone resin, silicone rubber and made of glass fiber casing i……