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Fiberglass Meshes

The mesh fabric is made of medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn, and is coated with alkali resistant polymer emulsion. The application of the grid is more related to the advertising industry, and the areas involved are basically advertisem……


Insulation Materials Silicone Glass Paint Cloth

Organic silicon glass cloth. Organic silicon glass lacquer cloth is impregnated with organic silicon insulating varnish by electroless glass fiber cloth. The organic silicon glass cloth has high heat resistance and mechanical properties and di……


Alkyd Glass Cloth

Alkyd glass linings are made of an alkali – free glass cloth impregnated with alkyd insulation.It has a certain electrical performance and mechanical performance, can be suitable for a long time under the temperature of 130 ℃.It is suitable f……


Oil Paint Silk

Oily lacquer silk cloth is also known as yellow wax silk, oily lacquer silk cloth is used electrician to use silk (insulate spinning) to impregnate evenly with oily insulating paint, by drying cut and become. It has good softness and certain ele……