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Transformer Insulation Paper

1.Cable Paper Description: Cable Paper is made of 100% purity sulfate insulating wood pulp. It is widely used on HV cable, signal cable, electromagnetic wire, transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, etc. Specifications: Thickness: 50 um,80 ……


Oil Strut Belt

Oil Strut Belt This product is made of electrical board in the shape of stripe adhered to DDP. It can be combined closely with transformer coil and makes coil possess more excellent mechanical and electrical properties. This product can be widely u……


Electrician Paperboard

Electrical paperboard is made of sulfate wood pulp with 100% purity processed by high-pressure. It has high mechanical strength, and high compatibility with the transformer oil. Electrician paperboard  is widely used in electrical appliances, capac……


Crepe Paper Tube

Product Description 1.This product is made in a rolled process with electrical crepe paper and mainly used in oil-immersed transformer as insulation wrapping. Insulation class A (105 °C) 2.Characteristics: Insulation Crepe Paper is one of the most ……


Crepe Paper

Electricians use wrinkle insulation paper. This product USES the high quality color 100% salt pulp manufacturing cable paper by machining, transformer oil paper insulation system in one of the major solid insulating material, high strength, el……


DDP Insualtion Paper

DDP dot adhesive paper is made from electrical insulating paper and epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is used for d d p, which is a latent hardener material. Because in the diamond lattice rubber insulation paper resin coating is dotted, ensure the oil i……


Cable Paper

Introduction to cable paper: Cable paper also called insulation paper is a paper with insulating properties and ash loss function.Cable paper also known as cable insulation paper.An insulating paper for high – voltage power cables, contr……