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Electrical Insulation Film from ZTELEC GROUP

Here introduce the Electrical Insulation Film from ZTELEC GROUP:

1.Polyester Film PET 6020(transparent)/6021(milky white)

This product has good dielectric and high mechanical properties. It is widely used for electrical insulation, such as slot insulation, interphase insulation and liner insulation in electric motors, and also used to produce insulating flexible laminates.

2.Diamond Glue Film

This product is made by coating electrical insulation resin in the shape of diamond on single side or double side of polyester film which is then baked into a diamond glue film in the status of semi-curing. It is mainly used for layer and turn insulation of mutual inductor and transformer.

3.Polyimide Film 6050

This product has excellent mechanical capability, favorable electric insulation at temperature from -269℃ to +260℃. It can be used in compound insulation material, adhesive tape, electric wire and motor industry, etc.

4.Polyimide Film Stripe/ Adhesive Tape

Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape is made of polyimide film coated with heat resistant adhesive. It is an ideal insulating product for H class electrical equipment.

There are some famous and popular insulation film in our products. Some of them are called golden film. They are the best insulation film for some electrical motors and equipments.

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