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How to Distinguish The Quality of Epoxy Sheet?

How to distinguish the quality of epoxy sheet?
Epoxy sheet is a kind of composite insulation material board, which is mainly made of vinyl polymer adhesive, paper, cotton and other base materials. There are many kinds of epoxy boards, including 3240 annular oxygen board, G11 epoxy board, G10 epoxy sheet, FR-4 epoxy board, etc. their performance is similar, and there are differences in the content. The epoxy sheet can be said to be an integral part of electronic products, which can be used to create casting splint and electricity Some special annular oxygen plates can also be ground into small iPhone leather covers. Because it is a very important component, there will be some defective products on the products, so how to deal with the volume of the epoxy board? The first thing to see is the appearance of the epoxy sheet.
insulating epoxy board for transformer
The surface of the epoxy sheet should be smooth and flat, with dents, scratches or other signs of missing products. Similarly, the cross cut side should also be uniform. Some soft edges will have burrs and knotting rings. The color of the oxygen sheet is dark red White, white, yellow, etc. the epoxy sheet should be uniform and full. The wind speed of the annular oxygen sheet should be low and the ductility is good. When testing its effectiveness, you can try to tilt it or make it impact, not fragile, and not easy to fold. The volume of the epoxy board is not good. The insulation and resistance to chemical corrosion of the students can be stable in the dry natural environment. Therefore, this can also be used to test its effectiveness as an insulating material, even in the severe environment In the natural environment, its conductivity must also be good and non insulator. one kindepoxy board
The volume of epoxy sheet is basically based on more than a few points. If the shape is durable, the Chinese language efficiency is poor, and the volume is poor, you can see many ring-shaped oxygen sheet with poor volume in mixed products. When you need any product, you should also study relevant experience, so that you will not be misled by others.

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