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Introduction of G11 Epoxy Insulating Board

G11 epoxy insulating board is a kind of cardboard like insulating material which is made of imported electrical non alkali fiberglass cloth soaked with imported epoxy resin and added with corresponding imported flame retardant adhesive and other additives. Flame retardant grade ul94-vo grade ‚ good mechanical performance at high temperature ‚ good processing performance and insulation performance ‚ it is a common raw material for insulating structural parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment ‚ G11 epoxy insulation board can also be used in wet environment and transformer oil ‚ high voltage switch cabinet ‚ high voltage switch, etc.
How high temperature can G11 epoxy board withstand? What is the breakdown voltage? Generally speaking, G11 epoxy plate can work continuously in the working environment of 200 ℃. The breakdown voltage specification value is more than or equal to 40kV. The typical value is 80kV.


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