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Knowledge about Phenolic Cotton Board

Phenolic cotton cloth board, also known as electric board in Taiwan. It is made by drying and pressing the cotton cloth soaked with the phenolic resin after heating and melting. Phenolic cotton board has good electrical and mechanical properties under normal condition. It is widely used in machinery, motor, electrical equipment as insulation structural parts and can be used in transformer oil. The high-grade phenolic cotton board is suitable for making rubber gear bearing bush, guide wheel and other precision mechanical parts that need to be used in harsh environment.
phenolic laminate board
Bakelite is a man-made synthetic chemical substance. Once it is heated and formed, it will solidify and cannot be reshaped. It is named because it has the characteristics of non water absorption, non conductivity, high temperature resistance, high strength and is widely used in electrical products. It has good electrical performance and machining performance at room temperature, and has excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties. Phenolic cotton board is the most common laminate, and it is also the most widely used industrial laminate in the world.
As an industrial insulating material, phenolic cotton cloth board can be divided into several grades according to different uses, and its price is also very different. For those tea makers who use the phenolic cotton plate material, how to distinguish the quality of this material is extremely important. First of all, look at the density of cotton yarn in the board. The cloth used in the highest level of cotton board is close to silk. The yarn is extremely fine and even, and the cloth is very thin. A 50 mm thick plate needs thousands of fabrics stacked together, so it is very expensive.
However, the density of the worst phenolic cotton board is almost the same as that of woven bags or sacks. In another case, there is no cotton fiber at all. The tea tray processed with this phenolic cotton board is fine and smooth, but its “plastic feeling” is very heavy. This is what people often hear of “paper-based” boards. In terms of industrial use, the electrical and mechanical properties of paper substrate are much lower than that of cotton plate of the same grade. Therefore, the price of paper-based board is much lower than that of cotton cloth board.
Through the understanding of this article, do you have a new understanding of phenolic cotton board? Phenolic cotton board has a wide range of uses, and we hope to continue to play its role in the new scientific field.
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