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Application of insulating crepe paper in winding insulation of oil-immersed distribution transformer

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Application of crepe paper in oil-immersed transformers

Electrical insulation crepe paper in oil-immersed transformers can be used in: (1) The main insulation partition board. (2) Inter-layer insulation when foil or plate conductors are used (uninsulated). (3) Lead insulation for low and/or high voltage leads.

Black semiconductor crepe paper, high voltage crepe paper, current/voltage transformer special crepe paper are all insulation crepe paper. They are made of insulating kraft paper as the base material by wrinkling processing.

Insulating crepe paper has uniform wrinkle, no damage, neat edge, and uniform thickness. The surface of crepe paper has impurities, pinhole, water marks and pulp block. It is suitable for wrapping and insulating in oil-immersed transformers, reactors and mutual inductors.

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