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Seven characteristics of insulating crepe paper

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Seven characteristics of insulating crepe paper

1. Inherent dielectric strength; 2. Thermal stability; 3. Mechanical toughness; 4. Chemical compatibility; 5. Not sensitive to humidity; 6. Radiation resistance; 7. Non-toxic, and fire resistance.

The function of insulating crepe paper in transformer lead wire

The role of insulating crepe paper in transformer leads should first start from the characteristics of insulating crepe paper:

Performance of insulated crepe paper:

1. Insulated crepe paper has good mechanical strength, high voltage resistance strength, smooth surface and toughness.

2. Insulated crepe paper is convenient to cut. After disassembly and bending, it still maintains a certain strength in oil immersion. This characteristic is very good to protect the transformer lead wire from being extruded and disassembled, which meets the insulation requirements and mechanical performance requirements.

Mutual inductors may sound a little strange to you, but they are also called instrument transformers. It is a device used to divide pressure. The insulating material used on it is transformer crepe paper. It mainly has the following properties.

1. Insulation performance

Insulating materials, by definition, are meant to insulate. Miniature current mutual inductors and transformers are similar in that they work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Transformers change voltage while micro current transformers change current. Insulation is very necessary to ensure the safe operation of the current transformer and prevent the breakage, short circuit and fault caused by conduction.

2. Ensure accuracy

With the development of The Times, electricity measurement has mostly reached digital. The secondary current of the micro current transformer is milliamperes, which mainly acts as a bridge between the large current transformer and sampling. And the motor insulating paper like electrical crepe paper on the current transformer has the characteristic of thickness tolerance standard, which can add to the accuracy of the number.

3. Anti-static

We are not unfamiliar with static electricity, especially in the dry air in winter. According to the relevant data, static electricity can make pregnant women's estrogen rise, and have a certain harm on people's heart. This kind of situation can be avoided by using anti-static insulating paper like insulation crepe paper in the framework of the mutual inductors.

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