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Problems when testing the resistance of diamond dotted paper

ztelec group2021-03-24 16:2273

Problems to be paid attention to when testing the resistance of diamond dotted paper:

(1) Sample preparation

The processing of diamond dotted paper sample is carried out in accordance with the prescribed methods, the surface of the sample shall not have damage or pollution. The processing of laminated products should reduce damage, and it can not be processed by planer.

(2) Test environment

The diamond dotted paper sample can be tested under specified environmental conditions.

(3) For the drilling of laminated products and moulded plastic insulation resistance samples, the drill bit should be sharp, the rough surface should not form in the hole, and the drilling deviation or hole spacing should not be inconsistent with the provisions. These will affect the accuracy of the test results of ddp paper.

(4) Adhesive electrode. When using the aluminum foil electrode, the surface of the aluminum foil electrode should be smooth and the size is accurate. When using aluminum foil, vaseline or silicone oil should not be too much, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the test results. Aluminum foil has low puncture resistance, the paste core is different, the results are also low. Petroleum jelly or silicone oil, the test results may be high.

(5) When measuring the resistance, the voltage is applied for 1min, and the reading is stable through the current of the sample. Only in this way can the resistance values of each DDP insulating paper sample be comparable. After the sample is measured, the residual charge accumulates. If repeated testing is required, the DDP insulating paper sample should be completely discharged. Discharge time is at least 4 times of the previous charge time.

Attention should be paid to the above problems when testing insulation resistance. During the production and use of this insulating DDP paper, the environmental temperature and humidity control is very important. In some wet seasons, we control the humidity seriously, otherwise, its use effect -- the service life will have a bad effect in the future.

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