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Powerful Electrical Insulating Material Enterprise We Are

As the supplier of insulating electricial insulating materials (heavy electrical) in China, ZTELEC Group has over 60 years’ experience in this field and occupies 90% of this market in China. According to features of market in foreign countries, conducts vigorous exploration in foreign market after inheriting the advantages of ZTELEC Group in this field. Enterprises of producing electric products which rank the top and play an important role in the industry of foreign have showed highly approval to our products and have gradually developed into our stable customers.

In terms of insulating electric products, ZTELEC Group not only inherits the outstanding insulating strength, mechanical strength and excellent technique of products produced by ZTELEC Group, but also has developed products with its own features in accordance with market demand in foreign country and expectations for the future, thus providing diverse choices for enterprises engaging in producing electric products.

In terms of specific application fields, products of ZTELEC Group can meet the insulating and supporting requirements of almost all equipment in the electric system, such as dry-type transformers with voltage classes , indoor and outdoor mutual inductors, insulators, insulating tubes.

According to heat-resistant level of products,. There are products achieved Class-F and Class-H certification by UL, as well as 200℃ level heat resistance products

According to weather resistance of products, we can provide products available for outdoor environment besides routine indoor products.

Moreover, ZTELEC Group has developed some products with other features, such as Diamond Glue Film, Phenolic Paper-base Laminated Tube, Polyester Glass Varnished Cloth, Epoxy Resin Glass Fiber Pultrusion Material etc.

Therefore, ZTELEC GROUP is the powerful enterprise in China and our products spread all over the world. Trust ZTELEC GROUP is just trust yourself.

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