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Product Description of Epoxy Glass Mesh Cloth

Epoxy glass mesh cloth is a high-tech insulation material successfully developed by our factory. It absorbs the advanced technology and unique manufacturing process of similar products in the world. These performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products in the country.
The performance of epoxy glassĀ  mesh cloth is superior: This product not only uses high-quality raw materials, but also uses a unique process formula and combined with advanced production technology. Higher performance. There are “F” and “H” grades for users to choose the temperature resistance level, which ensures the transformer has better insulation performance and higher mechanical strength in operation.
Product composition of epoxy glass grid cloth: The product is composed of gray cloth and epoxy impregnated rubber.

Gray fabric of epoxy glass mesh cloth: alkali-free glass fiber yarn treated with silane type sizing agent, polyester yarn.
Epoxy glass mesh cloth impregnated rubber composition: high-quality epoxy resin, curing agent, dyeing agent, etc.
Manufacturing process of epoxy glassĀ  mesh cloth: First, a special novel weaving machine interweaves glass fiber yarn and polyester yarn into a square hole grid grey cloth. After high-temperature dehydration testing, it is dipped in a specially formulated high-quality epoxy resin mixed glue Then, through a series of special ovens, the grid is solidified and shaped, and then the burr of the grid cloth is removed and cut to a predetermined width through a special cloth cutting device, and finally it is rolled up by a cloth rolling device.

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