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Some Important Things about The Transformer Insulation Material

Insulation material is a necessary parts and also is one of the most important materials in the transformer. It can directly affect the reliability of transformer operation and transformer life by its performance and quality. In nowadays, the transformer products begin to use in new insulation materials after another.

   The overview of transformer insulation material

With the rapid development of science and technology, electrical appliances, transformers and other electrical equipment is increasingly widely used. The reliability and service life of the transformer is largely dependent on the insulation material it uses. Insulation materials are increasingly engaged in the design and manufacture of transformers.

Over the past two decades, transformers insulation materials aspects of new products, new technologies, new theories continue to emerge and development, so that the transformer insulation materials and its application has formed a very important discipline.

   The relationship between moisture and insulation resistance

Moisture immersion in the dielectric, an increase of conductive ions, but also to promote the dissociation of impurities and polar molecules. So the insulation material decreases as the humidity increases, especially the insulation paper or insulating paperboard insulation resistance decreases more.

The moisture content of the dielectric surface of the dielectric surface is very sensitive to the surface resistance of the ion crystal, and the hydrophobic material of the ionic crystal is more attractive to the water than the cohesion of the water molecules. The continuous water layer on the surface reduces the surface resistance. So electrical equipment due to moisture caused by reduced insulation resistance, resulting in leakage current is too large and damage the equipment.

   The relationship between the electric field strength and the insulation resistance

In the case of the electric field strength is not too high, the electric field strength on the ion transfer capacity and the impact on the resistivity is very small. When the electric field strength increases, the ion migration ability increases with the electric field intensity, so that the resistivity decreases, when the electric field strength increases to the dielectric near breakdown, due to a large number of electrons migration, the resistivity index exponentially.

These are some basic knowledge you need to know if you are a professional electrical insulating material worker. After learning about these professional knowledge, you will control that how to differentiate the insulation material. If you think that it can help you get more knowledge, why not try to do know more things about our products?

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