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Characteristics and Application of 3240 Epoxy Board

The characteristics and application of 3240 epoxy board: As a widely used material, epoxy boards have a wide range of applications in various circuits. Among them, we will talk about the more widely used 3240 epoxy board. It is a material made of e……


What is the Processing Method of Epoxy Board?

The epoxy board is made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, and is heated and pressurized a kind of insulation material. The model number is 3240. It has high mechanical properties at medium temperature and stable electrical properties at high te……


What is the G10 Epoxy Board Advantages?

What is the G10 epoxy board advantages? Is the insulation material performance of G10 epoxy board good? Epoxy glass cloth board is yellow, made of epoxy resin, and epoxy glass fiber board is made of glass fiber, which is generally water green. Its ……