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G11 Insulation Board

G11 insulation board is actually just a type of insulation board insulation material, G11 is just a grade division of insulation board. In fact, there are various types and grades of insulation materials such as FR4 insulation board, G11 insulation……


Introduction of G11 Epoxy Insulating Board

G11 epoxy insulating board is a kind of cardboard like insulating material which is made of imported electrical non alkali fiberglass cloth soaked with imported epoxy resin and added with corresponding imported flame retardant adhesive and other ad……


Epoxy Glass Sheet

Introduction of Epoxy Glass Sheet: Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet is made by chemical treatment of electrician non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the backing material, by hot pressing with epoxy resin as binder and laminated insulations, high mecha……