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What Are the Application Areas of Gpo-3 Materials?

What are the broad application areas of gpo-3 materials? In recent years, the development of insulating materials is rapid. At present, the sales volume of gpo-3 is particularly outstanding in the market. Gpo-3 materials is also known as gpo-3 lami……


Application Features of GPO-3 Laminate

GPO-3 is also called UPGM-203, which means unsaturated polyester fiberglass mat insualtion material, usually its color is white and brown red, etc., it has good electrical properties at high temperature, good mechanical properties at medium tempera……


What Are the Characteristics of Gpo-3 Insulation?

In recent years, many electric power industries have vigorously developed new  Gpo-3 insulating materials such as flame-retardant, insect resistant, wear-resistant, non corrosive, high dimensional stability, etc., while gpo-3 laminates have relativ……