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The Factors Affecting the Electrical Strength of Electrical Insulating Paper

In the process of using insulation products, there are many parameters that affect the insulation effect, and there are many factors that affect these parameters of the insulation materials. We need to have a certain understanding in order to control them correctly and avoid reducing their use effect. Let’s look at six factors that affect the electrical strength of insulating paper.
(1) Sample thickness of electrical insulating paper. When the insulating material is very thin, the breakdown voltage is proportional to the thickness, that is, the electrical strength is independent of the thickness. As the thickness of the insulation increases, it becomes difficult to dissipate heat, and impurities, bubbles, and other factors reduce electrical strength.
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(2) Temperature of electrical insulating paper. Above room temperature, the electrical strength decreases with the increase of temperature.
(3) Humidity of electrical insulating paper. The electrical strength of the insulating material is reduced due to the moisture entering into it.
(4) Voltage action time of electrical insulating paper. The electric strength of most organic materials decreases with the application of voltage.
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It takes a long time for the step-by-step or slow pressure rise to work, which can better reflect the existence of defects such as thermal effect and air gap in the material. Therefore, in general test method, impulse boosting method is not used, but continuous boosting method.
(5) Mechanical stress or mechanical damage of electrical insulating paper. Insulation material will reduce electrical strength after mechanical stress or mechanical damage. In the processing of laminated product samples, damage shall be avoided as much as possible, milling shall be used instead of planing, and the machining feed shall be controlled to be small.
(6) Electrodes of insulating paper for electrical purposes. Generally speaking, the electrode area is large, the breakdown voltage is low, and the weakness is easy to be found in the large area. In addition, the electrode should be smooth and free of burr pit or uneven pit, which can reduce the impact of voltage on the accuracy of test results.
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