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The Most Abundant Electrical Insulating Material in ZTELEC GROUP


1.Long and unique development history

1958, the first factory was founded in Xuchang.

1967, Xuchang Insulation Material Company changed to State-run Xuchang Insulation Material Company,and it is the national major insulation material manufacturing center ranked Fifth in this filed in mainland China.


1993, after the company’s restruction in 1993,Xuchang Insulation Material Plant has become an incorporated company.

2003, Henan XJDG Insulating Material Co.,Ltd has been founded in 2003,under the leadership of Mr.Zhang Honglei.


2018,the new office building was constructed in Henan Zhengzhou.

2.Powerful comprehension strength


ZTELEC GROUP has the biggest production base and advanced technology and equipment. We can provide the perfect products and best services to all of guests.


3.Strong work team



ZTELEC GROUP has the greatest management team and every employee always try their best to do job well. We work together to make our products sold to all over the world.


Please contact us : elina@chinaztelec.com

A Variety of Electrical Insulating Materials

1.Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet

Characteristic: high mechanical and electrical properties, good heat resistance and humidity resistance

2.Laminated Wood

Characteristic:moderate density and high mechanical strength

3. Phenolic Paper-base Laminated Tube

Characteristic:good mechanical and electrical properties

4.Epoxy Glass Fiber Winding Tube

Characteristic:excellent electrical and mechanical properties, chemical resistance (SF6), low dielectrical loss, no deformation or delamination

5.CCL FR4 Copper Clad Laminated Sheet

Characteristic:excellent thermal stability and machinability

6.Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod

7.Epoxy Glass Fiber Cloth Laminated Rod



To be continued……

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Sino-foreign cooperative businesses

1.The visit of foreign guests

Welcome the guest from Germany

Indian guest visit our factory  and listen to products’ introduction.

Our professional sales manager shows Thailand’s guests around.

The Russian guest looks our products carefully.

2.Attending Trade Fair

ZTELEC GROUP attended the exhibition in Germany and it attracted a lot of foreign people to visit our booth.

Exhibition in Shanghai.

Through attending the exhibition, we can popularize our products to all over the world and attract a lot of foreign guests.

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