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What Are the Characteristics in the Process of Processing Epoxy Sheet?

What are the characteristics in the process of processing epoxy sheet

For epoxy board, we all know that it has good insulation materials, high temperature resistance and good toughness. But what are the characteristics of the process of processing the epoxy board and the processing technology of the epoxy board?
(1) Good mechanical properties of epoxy sheet. That is to say, when it is subjected to various external loads (tensile, bending, impact, and alternating) that can withstand under different environments (temperature, medium, humidity), it has a good stable performance.
epoxy board
(2) Strong adaptability of epoxy sheet. Epoxy resins, curing agents, and modifiers can be adapted to the requirements of various forms, which can range from extremely low viscosity to high melting solids.
(3) Wide curing temperature range of epoxy sheet. Its temperature range can be cured in the range of 0-180 degrees. Convenient for people’s work.
(4) Low shrinkage of epoxy sheet. It is carried out by a direct addition reaction or a ring-opening polymerization reaction of epoxy groups in a resin molecule. No moisture or other volatile substances are emitted during processing. The shrinkage shown throughout the curing process is very low, typically less than 2%.
electrical epoxy boards
(5) Strong adhesion of epoxy sheet. Due to the presence of polar hydroxyl and ether bonds in the molecule, the substance has good adhesion. And the internal stress generated between the molecules is small, and naturally its adhesion is very strong.

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