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What is the Density of 3240 Epoxy Glass Cloth Board?

What is the density of 3240 epoxy glass cloth board?  First of all, what is 3240 epoxy glass cloth board?
3240 epoxy board  is a kind of elactrical used insulation materails: epoxy resin refers to the organic polymer compound containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. 3240 epoxy board is made of electrical glass cloth soaked with epoxy resin, dried and hot pressed.
3240 epoxy glass cloth board meaning:
3240 is national standard brand, corresponding to epgc201 type in iec893-3-2 [1].
3240 epoxy board
According to jb-t 2197-1996 classification, nomenclature and model preparation method of electrical insulating materials:
3240 four Arabic numerals
The first 3 represents laminated products, winding products and vacuum pressure impregnated products
The second 2 represents inorganic substrate laminate
The third four represents temperature index class 155 degrees
The fourth 0 stands for product variety code
3240 is called epoxy laminated glass cloth board. The density of 3240 is 1.8g/cm3. Among them, the epoxy board 3240 material is made by bonding the glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin and heating and pressurizing successfully. The mechanical performance of 3240 is high in the medium temperature environment, and it can also maintain high electrical performance in the high humidity state. Therefore, it can be used for mechanical, electrical and electronic parts with high insulation structure.

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