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What is the Processing Method of Epoxy Board?

The epoxy board is made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, and is heated and pressurized a kind of insulation material. The model number is 3240. It has high mechanical properties at medium temperature and stable electrical properties at high temperature. Suitable for electrical, mechanical and electronic parts with high insulation structure. It has good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has mechanical and dielectric functions. Heat resistance equivalent f (155 degrees). So what is the processing method of epoxy board?
epoxy board
First, the drilling of epoxy board
Drilling of epoxy boards is a common processing method in PCB factories. Regardless of whether it is a PCB test fixture or post-processing of the PCB, it is subject to “drilling.” Large PCB factories generally have their own drilling machine rooms. The drilling machine room is very close to the fixture. The work of the drilling machine room is not easy, but it is relatively comfortable. General consumables and equipment are special drilling machines, rubber granules, wood floor boards, drill bits, aluminum base plates, etc. The drill bits and floor plates have huge losses. Many small companies usually provide factories with drills and milling cutters to make a fortune;

Second, computer gong, it is CNC or numerical control of epoxy board, also known as machining center.
In fact, it means that the computer is very powerful. It can be divided into planes and bevels (or manifolds). The range of the bevel is relatively small, and the flat computer gong is very wide. For example, small processing parts such as insulating rods, insulating gaskets, and star wheels are processed by computer gongs to process epoxy boards. The biggest feature of the electronic gong is that it is sensitive, fast and powerful.
Three, Cutting of epoxy board
Cutting epoxy boards is a common processing method on the market. Shears are available in most stores, but they are generally rough. The scale of public services can be controlled within 5 millimeters, which is terrible.
phenolic laminate board
Fourth, epoxy board milling machine/lathe
Milling/lathe for epoxy board. The products processed by this processing method are generally parts. Because the original milling machines and lathes were mostly used to process hardware parts, but the general milling machines and lathes have relatively slow processing speeds, so if we rely on this epoxy plate processing method, the life of the company will be greatly reduced, but it In other words, they have to be used. In other words, if machining thick epoxy boards, milling and turning machines are the same choice.

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