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By conducting multi-faceted investigations and studies on the electrical industry today, insulating materials have become essential necessities and consumables in today’s electrical industry.As a leader in the insulation material industry, ZTELEC Group always adheres to the principle of combining research with practice and innovation, constantly launches products with higher quality, high standards and high demands, and better serves our new and old customers.Whether in the research stage or in the production stage, the company always upholds a serious and responsible attitude, pays attention to each link, and is truly foolproof. Therefore, choosing ZTELEC GROUP is the most correct choice.

Various insulating material products produced by our company are widely used in transformers and generators under various conditions.At the same time, in our country’s aerospace and military aspects, we also have the shadow of our center. We have cooperated with our aerospace and military departments on many occasions and have become China’s trustworthy supplier of insulating materials.The cooperation with the national key departments is also enough to prove that we are a company with great potential and strength. Therefore, we must not mistake us.

Since the establishment of the company, the insulating materials have been exported to India, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Germany and many other countries. Zhongtian Group has also become the primary choice for many foreign transformer manufacturers and traders.Of course, because of the trust our customers place in us, we are confident that we can become a better company and win more customers.

ZTELEC GROUP has always been there. We will always keep our minds and serve our customers. We will continue to depict the magnificent blueprint that belongs to ZTELEC GROUP.

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